[FFmpeg-user] hw_decode.c on osx?

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 16:02:56 EEST 2020


> i have ffmpeg building successfully on osx (10.14.6; xcode 11.3.1),
> and am using the generated libraries in a personal video project i'm
> working on.  now i'm ready to start thinking about implementing hardware
> decoding ...  i tried adapting some of the code from hw_decode.c, but 
> ran into runtime errors.  thinking that it was my code that was at
> fault, i then compiled hw_decode by itself, but i get the same errors
> even there.  is anyone aware of hw_decode.c not working on osx?

The example's working fine for me. (I think... I don't know what kind of format videotoolbox decodes to but if I squint and tilt my head a little the hex dump looks like it might be raw pixel buffer bytes of some sort lol)
Did you read the readme in the folder the example is in? I'm wondering when you say you compiled hw_decode by itself you literally mean just the compile step using cc.

Ted Park

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