[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg architecture question

Mark Filipak markfilipak.windows+ffmpeg at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 15:39:43 EEST 2020

On 04/17/2020 06:34 AM, Monex wrote:
> On 17/04/2020 11:52, Mark Filipak wrote:
>> On 04/17/2020 05:48 AM, Paul B Mahol wrote:
>>> On 4/17/20, Mark Filipak <markfilipak.windows+ffmpeg at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> On 04/17/2020 05:38 AM, Paul B Mahol wrote:
>>>>> On 4/17/20, Mark Filipak <markfilipak.windows+ffmpeg at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>>> On 04/17/2020 05:03 AM, Paul B Mahol wrote:
>>>>>> -snip-
>>>>>>> That is not filter graph. It is your wrong interpretation of it.
>>>>>>> I can not dechiper it at all, because your removed crucial info like ','
>>>>>> My filtergraph is slightly abbreviated to keep within a 70 character line
>>>>>> limit.
>>>>>> The important thing is to portray the logic of the filter chain.
>>>>>> I think you may be the only person who "can not dec_ip[h]er it".
>>>>> Haha, you are kind of person that never admits own mistakes.
>>>> You apparently aren't monitoring other threads. Just a couple of minutes ago
>>>> I acknowledged that I
>>>> was wrong about DTS.
>>>> The difference between us, Paul, is that you engage in character
>>>> assassination. If you stopped
>>>> trying to assign motives and looked purely at behavior, I think you'd find
>>>> more joy.
>>> So when you will admit mistake in this thread?
>> When it's pointed out to me. By the way, the filter graph sketch I posted is not even complete. I left some stuff out that is not germane (again, to stay within 70 characters).
> It is often requested on this list NOT to cut your command lines and/or console output.

Well then, I'm good. I've never cut my command lines or console output.

> Most technical people are capable of following a line that is wrapped after 70 characters. Escape your long lines (backslash) if necessary.

I've never seen that prior to this list. What does it do? When I've encountered escaped eols here, 
they didn't seem to do anything in my email program (Thunderbird). The lines were broken. I figured 
the backslashes must be put in by the poster's OS. Can you inform me or give me a link?

> Please do not use complicated phrases or words like "germane" - many ffmpeg-users are not native English speakers and you are causing confusion; it is not necessary on a technical list.

Supposing that readers have no English dictionary, or access to an on-line dictionary, or access to 
Google translate, that leaves me responsible for monitoring my vocabulary. Are you serious? Do I 
have to somehow gauge my word usage? I'm always careful to use the best words and punctuation and 
sentence construction. I really don't know how to make you happy. You know, if someone doesn't 
understand what I write, they can always ask for clarification.

> You are too verbose (noisy) in your posts. Verbosity is only useful in commands and console outputs, or when telling someone to stfu.

"too verbose" == "not cryptic"?

Your complaints are ridiculous.

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