[FFmpeg-user] propagation of frames in a filter complex

Mark Filipak markfilipak.windows+ffmpeg at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 21:08:49 EEST 2020

On 04/16/2020 12:20 PM, pdr0 wrote:
> This doesn't answer the question in this thread directly;  but was the idea
> still to blend deinterlace the combed frame from telecine selectively ?

Yes! (I'm like a terrier with a sock, aren't I? -- mind your feet, Paul. ;-)

> If the problem is getting the blend to work on the target, another way is to
> use -vf pp=lb with your selection sets.

BINGO! That's what I was looking for. It's very good for high contrast, moving object edges and 
doesn't twitter for textured surfaces during slow panning shots (both are from "2001, A Space 
Odyssey"). Thank you so, so much! The output video isn't perfect -- at 60fps it can't be perfect -- 
but on a 60Hz TV, it's so much better than p24.

There's just 2 more tests to run: A particularly nasty judder in a scene from "Blackhat" and a 
certain jungle scene in "Rescue Dawn". But I think 'pp=linblenddeint' is it.

Curiously, this:
ffmpeg -i IN -filter_complex "telecine=pattern=5, pp=linblenddeint" OUT
doesn't work quite as well as this:
ffmpeg -i IN -filter_complex "telecine=pattern=5, split[A][B], 
[A]select='not(eq(mod(n+1\,5)\,3))'[C], [B]select='eq(mod(n+1\,5)\,3)', pp=linblenddeint[D], 
[C][D]interleave" OUT

By the way, 'interleave' not recognizing end-of-stream (or 'select' not generating end-of-stream, 
whichever the cause) isn't a big deal as I'll be queuing up transcodes -- as many as I can -- to run 

Thanks also for the frame-numbered videos. Now that I'll have some leisure time, I can really 
explore ffmpeg and maybe figure out how you made them.

I Hope You and Your Loved Ones Are Well and Stay Well,

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