[FFmpeg-user] ffplay options for setting audio volume and locating player windows on the screen

Michael Glenn Williams michael.glenn.williams at smartblondeco.com
Wed Apr 15 02:30:30 EEST 2020

Hey All,

Just joined the maling list. Sorry if these questions are aaa.

I'm trying to use ffplay to monitor several RTMP feeds and wrote a script
to pop them up on the screen.
Currently they all popup in the same location and at full volume.

I tried the -w and -h options, which were not found by ffplay. The -x and
-y options seem to be the options that set the width and heoght, not the
location on the screen. Can anyone tell me how to position the windows in
different places on the screen?

I also tried the -volume option to start out at 30% volume, but that option
also wasn't found.

I'm expecting that I'm just not understanding the ffplay docs here:

Thanks for your help!
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