[FFmpeg-user] Stuck preparing to compile ffmpeg from git source

Mark Filipak markfilipak.windows+ffmpeg at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 01:37:41 EEST 2020

On 04/13/2020 09:08 AM, System Administrator wrote:
> On 13/04/2020 12:04, Nicolas George wrote:
>> Mark Filipak (12020-04-13):
>>> Thanks, Kieran. I've given up. I have faith that the person who calls
>>> himself richardpl will never allow me to submit a valid ffmpeg trac ticket.
>> For those who might be inclined to spend time helping this guy, for
>> reference, the ticket is:
>> http://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/8612
>> and we can see that Richard made considerable efforts in trying to
>> reproduce the bug, without success, with an up-to-date version. And this
>> is the real reason the bug was closed.
>> Regards,
>> Nicolas George
> It seems that his combative behaviour is elsewhere too:
> https://github.com/HandBrake/HandBrake/issues/2318

Not combative...
There are 2 checkboxes. About those boxes...

Mark: "How do you want me to set those?"

Bradley: "Intel QSV (Quick Sync Video) is a hardware ASIC for both decoding and encoding video. 
Sometimes the QSV decoder is tripped up by certain sources. If you disable the first option, your 
video will instead be decoded in software, which is more reliable in most cases."

Bradley was simply not answering my questions. He was making statements. I tried to bring him back 
to answering my question regarding how to set the checkboxes. That's not combative.

> https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/18035?cversion=2&cnum_hist=2

Not combative...
A ticket to oracle.com resulted in a compound misunderstanding that in the bottom frame, I 
apologized for. Socratus is a moderator of forums.virtualbox.org. I had written to oracle.com 
regarding how SSO (single sign-on) had wiped out the account I'd had for 10 years -- something that 
happened all over the Net when SSO came in about 2 years ago. It had nothing to do with virtualbox. 
I didn't know that my contact with Oracle would loop back to Socratus. It's that simple.

> https://www.logicallyfallacious.com/questions/2yWYFaWY/when_someone_doesnt_understand_and_comprehend_the_substance_or_message_you_are_conveying_but_instead_points_out_the_flawed_structurecomposition_of_the_way_you_said_it_thus_concluding_youre_thinking_flawed_or_wrong.html#null

Not combative...
You are misinterpreting what logicallyfallacious is. What is asserted: Bad grammar is fallacious 
argument. I counter that it's simply bad grammar. That is how formal argument works. There is no 

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