[FFmpeg-user] Seeking advice on ffmpeg filter with avf_concat

LC Karthikeyan lckarthi83 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 22:37:41 EEST 2020

Hey team,

I have my ffmpeg filter...

My issue:

I will be having substitue video and audio in a live stream HLS or MPEG
DASH  in a single file when the original broadcast source is interrupted
during the signal loss or any other issue leading to a discontinuity.

Idea is that the output proxy file and stream should reflect the full
outage period accurately with no discontinuity..

ffmpeg filter checks each frame number with an external service to see
whether it's available in the input source. If it determines that any frame
is not available it switches input sources to the 'backup' video/audio and
reads frames from there instead until signalled that the original source is
once again available.

I am facing timing issues the signal for loss of video is set 10 frames
before the actual discontinuity, the ideal would be frame accurate this was
considered an acceptable compromise and i am unable to get it working when
switching on exact frames.  How to improve the frames performance?...

What files need to be modified in ffmpeg library?

Any help would be appreciated..

Thank you...


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