[FFmpeg-user] Question on Segment TImes

Gyan Doshi ffmpeg at gyani.pro
Sat Apr 4 12:10:21 EEST 2020

On 04-04-2020 11:59 am, Colin Bitterfield wrote:
> I am trying to segment split a stream coming in from AVFOUNDATION
> ffmpeg -benchmark_all -stats -loglevel debug -copyts \
>   -f avfoundation -capture_raw_data true -pix_fmt 0rgb -i DV-VCR -q 0 \
>   -map 0 -c:v copy -c:a copy -segment_time 00:00:10 \
>   -f segment  374_%03d.dv -y
> _ I have tried various combinations of “-increment_tc” and "-reset_timestamps 0"
> The video splits flawless at the time requ

.dv is a bare bones container and does not support timestamps. Try MOV.


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