[FFmpeg-user] DVD EIA-608 to ASS from stdin with custom style

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 19:59:00 EEST 2020

Am Fr., 20. Sept. 2019 um 08:06 Uhr schrieb CGar <cgar.of.ayr at gmail.com>:
> When extracting EIA-608 captions from a DVD to an ASS file I am
> unsure how to  specify the style. I've seen snippets online about a
> force_style option but it seems to be about hardcoding them or
> specifying a subtitle file as input. Since I'm reading from stdin I'm
> unsure where or how to write the relevant part.
> My command line is as follows:
> [...] | ffmpeg -f lavfi -i 'movie=pipe\\:0[out0+subcc]' -map s sub_out.ass
> Where or how would I add something like:
> force_style=BorderStyle=1,Outline=2

force_style is (only) an option of the subtitles filter
that you are not using in your command line.

Carl Eugen

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