[FFmpeg-user] "Non-monotonous DTS in output stream" error, previous and current values are equal

Crazy Red Elephant crazyredelephant at protonmail.com
Wed Apr 1 16:38:22 EEST 2020

Hi Mark, the option is called "Fix bitstream timing info", it's in the "Timestamps and default duration" box which is on the right side of the "Input" tab...

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On Sunday, March 15, 2020 3:41 PM, Mark Filipak <markfilipak.windows+ffmpeg at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 03/15/2020 09:02 AM, Crazy Red Elephant via ffmpeg-user wrote:
> > > Are they actually disruptive, or could you just keep the original stream as is, knowing 1 out of 120 frames or something will be dropped when playing back?
> >
> > To me, yes. I know some other users also reported something about playback issues numerous times but the stream provider doesn't seem to care.
> > I think I mentioned before that remuxing the video with MKVToolNix and the "generate timestamps" option checked...
> Can you help me find the "generate timestamps" option? I can't find it. I'd like to see what it does with a VOB that has 8 PGCs that are okay, but the 9th & 10th PGCs have audio in advance of video by about 4400ms.
> Regards,
> Mark.
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