[FFmpeg-user] EPG from OTA stream acquired via UDP

James E. Baird James.Baird at ccr.net
Fri May 17 21:59:32 EEST 2019


Does anyone know of a way to grab EPG data from a live OTA stream in UDP format without having to save to file. I know that this can be viewed with MediaInfo but in order to access it I need to save a clip and then open the clip with MediaInfo for analysis. The other tools I have seen for this seem to require a DVB card for acquiring the signal (as opposed to the UDP streams we currently have) and that is not an option here. The intended end result is something I can incorporate from an automated perspective and I would prefer to use ffmpeg. Specifically looking for the data values that show up in the "Menu" section of Mediainfo; "Title:" and "Law rating:"

Any help is appreciated.

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