[FFmpeg-user] filter for changing frame rate

Gyan ffmpeg at gyani.pro
Mon May 13 17:28:50 EEST 2019

On 13-05-2019 06:59 PM, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> Am Mo., 13. Mai 2019 um 15:05 Uhr schrieb Jon bae <jonbae77 at gmail.com>:
>> Am Mo., 13. Mai 2019 um 14:34 Uhr schrieb Carl Eugen Hoyos <
>> ceffmpeg at gmail.com>:
>>> Am Mo., 13. Mai 2019 um 14:31 Uhr schrieb Michael Koch
>>> <astroelectronic at t-online.de>:
>>>>> Or the fps filter.
>>>>> This filter and the r option have different algorithms that have
>>>>> advantages (and disadvantages) in different situations.
>>>> Are the differences explained somewhere in the documentation?
>>> Not to my knowledge, them main difference is that the filter is
>>> more greedy.
>>> Carl Eugen
>> Sorry Carl Eugen - you are right. I did a test, and when I apply the fps
>> filter after setpts it not duplicate any frames.
> Sure?
> I mean: It may or may not duplicate frames but contrary to "-r"
> the console output will not tell you.
> As Moritz wrote: If your input is cfr, you only need setpts,

For vsync cfr, ffmpeg will still duplicate and/or drop frames based on 
the framerate obtained from the filter buffersink. So fps or -r isĀ  
needed to modify that.


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