[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg for transcoding a stream into web pag

R C cjvijf at gmail.com
Sat May 4 01:58:15 EEST 2019

Hello Ted,

that seems to work!  thank you!!  That ffmpeg command is indeed making a 
movie from that stream into a file, tried watching it, VLC does give me 
trouble, but it shows it as a movie.

Would be cool if I could have the output as a stream, that I can embed.

I am new to ffmpeg and gstreamer things.. and the command options don't 
seem to be too obvious to me



On 5/3/19 2:17 AM, Ted Park wrote:
>> So my idea was tho use ffmpeg or gstreamer to  embed it in html, with some
>> sort of player.
> Html you’re gonna need to write yourself, but you can use the rtsp stream as an input and output HLS to embed in your html, I think this will get you what you want.
> Something like
> ffmpeg -i rtsp:// -f hls -hls_playlist_type event -hls_segment_type mpegts -hls_segment_filename segment-%d.ts index.m3u8
> Will produce a playlist file pointing to little segments of ts files that you can host with any http server. It should work,  (you might need to transcode to h264 if it’s not) A html5 video element with the playlist file as the source should play in most browsers nowadays.
> <video autoplay controls src=“url/to/index.m3u8”>This text displays if the video element isn’t supported.</video>
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