[FFmpeg-user] qsv : do I really need to patch and build the kernel ?

sean darcy seandarcy2 at gmail.com
Fri May 3 03:35:23 EEST 2019

I'm getting old watching libx265 run, so I was thinkng of experimenting 
with hevc_qsv. I configured ffmpeg with libmpfx. But now I read I need a 
plugin: hevc_hw. And to get that plugin I need to install the Intel 
Media SDK, which requires me to patch and install a 2-year old centos 
kernel ! Say it ain't so .

 From the ffmpeg wiki:

"Note that the kernel patches and modified system libraries are all 
required. It is recommended not to install this on any machine also used 
for other purposes, as it does not use normal distribution mechanisms 
and may break / be broken by other packages unexpectedly."

It seems h264_qsv does not require the plugin, but hevc does. Am I 
reading this correctly ?


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