[FFmpeg-user] Merging apad and overlay filters in complex filter

C Colutions ccolutions111 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 12:44:45 EET 2018


I was trying to attach audio to a video which adding an overlay image to
it. Im using the following command:

-y, -r, 11.0, -f, image2, -i,
/storage/emulated/0/TestDirectory/TempImages/img%03d.jpg, -i,
/storage/emulated/0/TestDirectory/introSound.mp3, -i,
/storage/emulated/0/TestDirectory/TempImagesNatural.png, -filter_complex,
[audio]apad[audio];overlay=0:0, -shortest, -crf, 20, -map, [audio], -c:v,
libx264, -preset, ultrafast, -pix_fmt, yuv420p, -ac, 2,

but its not working. Im getting the error

Output with label 'audio' does not exist in any defined filter graph, or
was already used.

Thank you for the help.

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