[FFmpeg-user] down sampling

Michael Koch astroelectronic at t-online.de
Sat Dec 29 23:23:21 EET 2018

> Might it be part of the problem that I'm starting ffmpeg from a batch 
> file?
> This is the content of the batch file:
> c://ffmpeg/ffmpeg -i 699.mp4 -f nut - ^| c://ffmpeg/ffplay -
> pause

I just found out that when using this command in a batch file, it 
doesn't matter if the slashes are forward or backward. But when the 
command is typed into the console window (without the ^ character), then 
it works only if backslashes are used. And then piping from ffmpeg to 
ffplay works fine!
Why doesn't the same command line work in a batch file? What must I change?


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