[FFmpeg-user] down sampling

Michael Koch astroelectronic at t-online.de
Sat Dec 29 20:45:29 EET 2018

>> 10000,lowpass=f=10000,lowpass=f=10000" -t 10 -f mp3 pipe:play -
>> //ffmpeg/ffplay
> The syntax looks broken here:
> Do you want to use a named pipe "play"?
> Iiuc, you have to create this pipe before launching FFmpeg,
> no need to specify a second output url.
> Or you want to use the pipe "-", in this case I believe you do
> not consume it with your ffplay command:
>> -i pipe:play
> Finally, I would expect that you have to separate the call
> to ffmpeg from the call to ffplay: "|"

You are right that the "|" was missing in my example. But when I include 
it, it doesn't work either. I did a lot of Google searching for an 
example how to pipe from ffmpeg to ffplay under Windows. I found 2 or 3 
(see below), and those didn't work. Seems to be either impossible or 
quite complicated.
If anyone has a working example, please add it to the ffmpeg documentation.



|ffmpeg -i abc.avi -f rawvideo - | ffplay -f rawvideo -s 624x352 -pix_fmt 
yuv420p -|


|ffmpeg -ss 00:34:24.85 -t 10 -i path||/to/file||.mp4 -f mp3 pipe:play | 
ffplay -i pipe:play -autoexit|

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