[FFmpeg-user] Ffmpeg Nvenc GPU decode still use much more cpu resource

dd unicorok at 163.com
Tue Dec 25 18:09:46 EET 2018

Dear my friend,

We replace cpu with gpu to ffmpeg recently, met a performance problem.
As the following problem Code:
ffmpeg -hwaccel_device 2 -hwaccel cuvid -i a.mp4 -vf “scale=1080:720,overlay=()” -gpu 2  -c:v h264_nvenc out.mp4

it use much more cpu resource, but a little gpu, it is not we want. see the attachment picture.

Also if with the “scale_npp” parameter not scale, it’s ok, but can not support video of 10 bit.
How to support 10bit video, or how can I do to use more gpu resource?

Hope your help, thanks a lot!

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