[FFmpeg-user] How to extract 1 frame as JPEG per minute

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at gmx.de
Thu Dec 20 16:48:21 EET 2018

Hi again,

Am 20.12.18 um 01:20 schrieb Carl Eugen Hoyos:
> I suspect your video does not start at "0".

You may be right, so I'm wondering why. To find this out, I describe how
I created the video:

The DVD was recorded by a hardware DVD-Recorder from the original VHS
cassette several years ago by somebody unknown. I only have the DVD,
which has several format errors, so it only can be played by a hardware
DVD-Player or with VLC, other players report read errors. So I first
ripped the DVD with dvd::rip. As result I got 23 VOB snippets, which
were a kind of corrupted, as no player could display the snippets
without errors. Then I concatenated them to 1 file with:
ffmpeg -ss 00:03 -t 01:16:20 -i
-movflags +faststart -c copy /media/Sicherung/Filme/CYD/ffmpeg/CYD_copy.vob
The result was playable. In the console I saw a lot of sync and other
errors which seemed to be corrected by ffmpeg.

Then I filtered the video and converted it to MPEG-4 with H.264 and Lame
ffmpeg -i CYD_copy.vob -movflags +faststart -vf atadenoise -c:v libx264
-c:a libmp3lame -q:a 4 CYD_atadenoise_H.264_mp3-q4.mp4
In the console I still saw some of sync and other errors.

>From this file I extracted the JPEGs with:
ffmpeg -i CYD_atadenoise_H.264_mp3-q4.mp4 -vf select='not(mod(n\,1500))'
-vsync vfr -q:v 2 CYD_atadenoise_1%03d.jpg

Can you give me some hints, how I can assure, that my files are
error-free and will start at "0"?



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