[FFmpeg-user] Raspberry Pi stream & save two camera feeds simultaneously

Jack Lewis rjacklewis at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 22:07:49 EET 2018

On a raspberry pi 3B+, I need to accomplish two things.
Thing 1.) I have two USB cameras connected. I need to combine their feeds
into one video, which I have sort of accomplished via the
"filter_complex hstack=inputs=2". The combined video is rather glitchy,
however, with video artifacting and bizarre frame-in-frame popins from time
to time. I'm wondering if this can be lessened somehow.
Thing 2.) In addition to saving these camera's output in a local file, I
would like to simultaneously serve the live stream of this combined view to
web browsers on the local network, including the Pi's own browser. I'm kind
of close -- I recently discovered the "tee" muxer. However apparently
ffserver has been discontinued(?) and I'm not certain how to proceed on
this front.

Any advice much appreciated.

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