[FFmpeg-user] How to live-stream from a webcam to a local URL on a Raspberry Pi? (Raspbian)

Jack Lewis rjacklewis at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 21:01:19 EET 2018

I'm currently using a program called mjpg_streamer on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ to
accomplish this, but it doesn't include a good way to also record the
webcam footage to a local file the way that ffmpeg does.

Currently mjpg_streamer is set up to output a camera feed to
localhost:8085/?action=stream, which makes it pretty easy to design
webpages to hook into the feed and display it to an outward facing user
(all still on the Pi, via Apache).

Is there a way to accomplish this with ffmpeg? I'm still pretty new to the
linux shell and would really appreciate any pointers. Thanks!

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