[FFmpeg-user] Need assistance finding l transcoding

James E. Baird James.Baird at ccr.net
Fri Dec 14 00:16:11 EET 2018

>It's actually ABR you're creating, if I understand correctly.

Not yet as I am actually outputting 3 multicast streams, each with a set bitrate(1500/3500/6000). They will be captured on the other side of the network and then muxed together to create the ABR stream (a design that, as of yet, cannot be avoided).

>Unfortunately, that preset is a bandwidth hog, and will drop quality significantly. Actually, it also lowers your profile to "Constrained Baseline". :-(

Bandwidth piece wouldn't be as much of a problem since this is layer2 to the endpoint that will mux them back together but the quality loss and profile change is a problem.
If I go to superfast my speed drops to .914 on average. If I understand correctly, this means I am slowing getting farther and farther behind? Will I eventually have an overrun in my fifo buffer causing a reset and lost data? Just double checking my understanding there.

Thanks so far for the help so far.

Maybe someone else will chime in with the best answer ever!

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