[FFmpeg-user] Best method to encode with video priority

Gabriele Greco gabrielegreco at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 13:18:38 EET 2018

I guys,

I was wandering what are the correct ffmpeg options to encode a video
giving priority to video (i.e. never dropping a frame) in case of damaged
files with missing video frames and/or missing audio blocks.

Specifically I'd like to:

- add silence if there are video frames with timestamp for which there is
no audio
- replicate frames if there is an audio block with no matching video frames.

Looking at the ffmpeg documentation it seems that: -vsync and -async are
the options I need to work with to achieve this.

So I suppose I have to add to my encoding string:

-vsync 1

... I read a few stack overflow post suggesting also to use -async 1, but I
read in the documentation that it's a deprecated option and I fear to have
A/V sync problems with it since it will check only timestamp at the


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