[FFmpeg-user] how to demux + decode with option -re with file input ffmpeg API's

straw mdamirraza at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 14:31:14 EET 2018

Hi Experts,

I am using NVIDIA SDK decoder which has ffmpeg demuxer which takes both file
and udp input .
But for file input it is decoding{nvdec decoding } more then  real time . i
want to make demuxing and decoding to 1x not more the that .

Like in below example , *how to use -re option in ffmpg API code .
 ffmpeg.exe -v debug* -re *-i U4K_jurassic_world_fallen_kingdom_23M.ts -c
copy out.ts

API code snap:
I tried AVDictionary but no luck.

avformat_open_input(&ctx, (const char*)file.ts, NULL, NULL)..

file :
post.c <http://www.ffmpeg-archive.org/file/t378831/post.c>  

I have attached the file for more details .

Kindly help me out . its troubling me and quite urgent ,.

Thanks in advance .

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