[FFmpeg-user] How to generate screenshots from a video with filenames in timestamps (like “01:23:45”)?

Meng Zhu h.p.zhumeng at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 16:13:21 EET 2018

I want to make screenshots from a video file, and set the names of the
output images files in the form of timestamps, not in the form of orders.
Like this:
> VHS-0001_TC-00:00:00_IMG-001.jpg
> VHS-0001_TC-00:00:20_IMG-002.jpg
> VHS-0001_TC-00:00:40_IMG-003.jpg
> VHS-0001_TC-00:01:00_IMG-004.jpg

But currently I can't find any filename option except for "%d", like:

> ffmpeg -i test.mpg image%d.jpg

Can this be solved? Thanks!

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