[FFmpeg-user] Images to video under Windows

Wolfgang Hugemann auto at hugemann.de
Tue May 23 11:35:35 EEST 2017

> e.g.   cat *.jpg | ffmpeg -f image2pipe -framerate 25 -i - out.mp4

Does piping really work under Windows? The Windows equivalent to 'cat' would be 'dir /b'. But changing the command line this way creates an error that basically says that the input stream is empty.

I couldn't find any example for input piping with ffmpeg on Windows. Are you sure that it functions at all?

BTW: Is there any source of information on the specifics and limitations when using ffmpeg under Windows? The situation seems to be a little bit like that for ImageMagick, where I had to write that kind of webpage myself (http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/windows).

Wolfgang Hugemann

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