[FFmpeg-user] Capturing without break

LaHu lahu8 at yahoo.de
Tue May 23 10:24:59 EEST 2017


I'd like to know if there's a way to go on recording even when the 
source will disappear for a while?

I plan to record several sources at a time as independent recordings. 
Source A will become Video A, Source B will become Video B and so on.
Source A will be the "master" and the duration of its recording is the 
reference for all other recordings.

If Source A lasts 30 minutes then all other sources should last 30 
minutes as well, no matter if their sources deliver valid signals or not.

It is not really neccessary that the duration of all recordings is 
exactly the same. If there's a loss of signal and the recording stops 
then it is fine enough to automatically start a second recording without 
a signal if the break between ending the first recording and start with 
the next recording takes not longer than one second. I would use then a 
script which puts both streams together.

Thanks in advance!

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