[FFmpeg-user] lut 3d trouble

Bouke / VideoToolShed bouke at videotoolshed.com
Sun Mar 12 18:05:28 EET 2017

> On 12 Mar 2017, at 15:49, Paul B Mahol <onemda at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Boukes-portable:3d bouke$ ffmpeg -threads 0 -i
>> /Users/bouke/Desktop/input.mov  -vf
>> lut3d=/Users/bouke/Desktop/LegalLuts/3d/Hard_Clip_Legal_3D.cube -y -an
> Where can this Hard_Clip_Legal_3D.cube can be found?

Hi Paul,
Thanks for looking into this.
You can get the LUT here: (WeTransfer link.)
Download link 
https://we.tl/AzKVwaB0sF <https://we.tl/AzKVwaB0sF>


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