[FFmpeg-user] Mpg

Marcelo Boufleur mboufleur at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 21:37:17 EEST 2016

Looking back at the earlier posts of this thread I realize that Juan just
wanted to convert a Quicktime MOV file into MPEG-2 with TS Container, and
add (2 or more) subtitle tracks from source SRT files that could be
switched using whatever software (VLC maybe).

The problem is that MPEG-2 in TS only supports Closed Captions (CEA-608 &
CEA-708), Teletext and DVB Subtitles, none of which can be created by

I believe MKV + MPEG-2 Codec + SRT subtitle in this case would be ideal,
specially if the intended purpose is to play it on a desktop environment.

Of course I may be wrong and the platform where the files are intended to
be played on specifically requires MPEG-2 TS content (and is also able to
handle CC / Teletext / DVB Subtitles), which would mean he is out of luck
and would have to look for other tools for this workflow.

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