[FFmpeg-user] Transcoding 2048x480 to 1920x1080

Steve Boyer steveboyer85 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 16:09:23 EEST 2016

On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 10:21 PM, jd1008 <jd1008 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Does this command looks like it should work well for video2008.mp4 that is
> currently at 1920x480 ?
> Have you tried this command yet?

> ffmpeg -i video2008.mp4 -i audio2008.m4a -q 1 -c:v libx264 -preset slower
> -s 1920x1080 -map 0:v:0 -map 1:a:0 -y video+audio2008.mp4
Like an adult diaper, it depends. If I'm reading it right, you're going to
be greatly stretching out the Y-axis. Is that what you are wanting to do?
That would really distort the image.

One suggestion I have is to put your output file name in quotes
("video+audio2008.mp4"), use a \ character (video\+audio2008.mp4), or just
ditch the + character. FFmpeg and bash/sh/zsh/etc might not interpret it
the way you want it to.


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