[FFmpeg-user] ffserver removal

Michael Fritscher michael.fritscher at telematik-zentrum.de
Tue Sep 13 13:36:39 EEST 2016

Good day,

I just read the sad news about ffserver :-(

The biggest problem for maintaining seems to be the usage of the 
internal APIs, right? The other stated problems seem not to hinder 
development of the other components of ffmpeg.

That are the big showstoppers here? The ffserver.c has
/* FIXME: those are internal headers, ffserver _really_ shouldn't use 
them */

/* FIXME: This code should use avformat_new_stream() */

Are these 2 the biggest problems hindering ffserver from staying into 
ffmpeg? Which of these headers are internal ones?

If somebody mentors me and give me hints of the direction I should take 
for the problematic cases (use other API, other workarounds, make 
internall API officially external, (temporally) duplicate code, 
(temporally) remove functionality) I could give it a shot. I've no 
experience with the ffmpeg style of coding (I know 
http://ffmpeg.org/developer.html, it's rather the architecture, which 
API is internal etc.), but I already made simple changes to ffserver.

Best regards,
Michael Fritscher

P.S. If there is any other afford to further maintain ffserver, fork it 
etc. please tell me!

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