[FFmpeg-user] Catch-all container for audio.

Brandon McGinty-Carroll bmmcginty at bmcginty.us
Sat May 14 01:09:23 CEST 2016

> I would probably add "-dn -sn" to go sure (v, a, d, s being the only
> four classes of streams, AFAIU), I don't know what ffmpeg does with
> unknown data streams for example. And add "-map 0" if you want *all*
> audio streams to be copied, otherwise ffmpeg chooses only the first
> one.
Ah! Thanks.

> Is or is not being maintained? (You sentence is a bit unclear.)
I believe that Nut _is being _maintained, but it is not being improved, and it is not gaining new features. Granted this comes from Wikipedia and Google searches.

> I have the same understanding of nut as a "quite catch-all" container,
> but you may have to look at its specs to understand what it *can't*
> handle. With regards to MKV, I am certain that certain streams can't be
> muxed. The muxer has gained automatic bitstream filtering recently,
> which resolves a lot of things, but I recall it refuses certain AAC
> streams. (Let me see if I can reproduce that.)
Okay. As that's the case, I'll hold off for now on switching to mkv, and do some testing with media containing AAC content.
I'd welcome whatever you find as regards to this, of course.

Brandon McGinty-Carroll

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