[FFmpeg-user] Divide one Four-Channel Stream into Two Stereo Streams

Karl E. Fitzke karl.fitzke at cornell.edu
Mon May 2 17:13:31 CEST 2016

Thanks very much.   I was clearly confused about what was input vs output stream.  I changed the second "-filter:a:0" to "-filter:a:1" and I seem to be okay.   Did not change second -map:0:1, because both streams are sourced from the same original steam.


Karl Fitzke
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Le primidi 11 floréal, an CCXXIV, Karl E. Fitzke a écrit :
> lib-6043-1:FourChannelTest dmgvideoadmin$ ffmpeg \
> -i ShortFourChanCaygill.mov -c:v copy -c:a pcm_s16le -map 0:0 \
> -map 0:1 -filter:a:0 "pan=stereo|c0=c0|c1=c1" \
> -map 0:1 -filter:a:0 "pan=stereo|c0=c2|c1=c3" TwoStereo.mov
         ^           ^
You forgot to update the indices for the second channel.


  Nicolas George

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