[FFmpeg-user] Multicasting to 2 different output channels

Reuben Martin reuben.m at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 20:53:41 CEST 2016

On Jun 24, 2016 11:21 AM, "Praveen" <pnpraveen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi There
> I was able to successfully stream webcam to Youtube Live from Raspberry
Pi using ffmpeg. I'm trying to broadcast this same stream on to both
Youtube live and Facebook live simultaneously. One option i was thinking of
is to send a unicast stream using ffmpeg on to a ffserver and from there
multicast to two different output streams (one each for Youtube lice &
Facebook live respectively). Is this possible ? If so, can someone give me
hints please ?

Multcasting means something a little different than what you seem to think
it does. You would be unicasting to more than one location. Have you
already successfully streamed to Facebook? What formats do they use for
ingest? RTMP? RTP? something else?


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