[FFmpeg-user] Could not write header for output file #0 (incorrect codec parameters ?):

Cley Faye cleyfaye at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 21:16:31 CEST 2016

2016-06-22 19:45 GMT+02:00 juan carlos Rebate <nerus492 at gmail.com>:

> the problem is in ffmpeg not know what else wants me to say, I have
> indicated the error, as I indicated all screen output with the error, have
> not received any solution, if you want something specific let me know

‚ÄčI, and other, pointed out that your command line was incorrect *and* that
your choice of codec/container was invalid for what you're trying to do.
Some provided *working* example.

There is no detailed explanation on the error code because it spells out
what's wrong:
> [mp4 @ 00000000028d5840] muxer does not support non seekable output
> Could not write header for output file #0 (incorrect codec parameters ?):

It plain say "mp4 muxer does not support non seekable output". If you
insist on using a container that "does NOT support NON SEEKABLE output"
with a *non seekable* output such as a stream obviously you'll keep getting
an error.
What I learned is that if google don't give anything useful with an error
message, there is two possibilities: you've discovered a new problem, or
you're doing something wrong. Seeing that ffmpeg is used in that exact
scenario by a lot of people, well... I'm not saying there is no bug in
ffmpeg but "take input X, output to Y" is one of the feature that works

Granted, I don't have the whole picture, but to fix what you posted in this
thread, just changing the mp4 container to anything that support streaming
works fine, as said by others, as said by me, and as *showned* in a video.
I'm baffled why you keep saying "oh no there is no solution this program is
clearly not working" when you've got many already.

As far as I'm concerned, this thread is done: you've given a bogus command,
you've got answers as to what was wrong with it, and a working example. I'm
afraid there's nothing more that can be done by random people there.

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