[FFmpeg-user] What is the correct way to cut the video with ffmpeg?

桃源老師 xanadu6291 at dream.jp
Tue Jun 21 17:44:52 CEST 2016

> 2016/06/22 0:14 A.M. Shaun Procter <shaun.procter<at>gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 21 Jun 2016, at 5:28 PM, 桃源老師 <xanadu6291 at dream.jp> wrote:
>> So, I'd like to confirm my way to remove ad is correct or not.  i.e. cutting video not on 
>> keyframe is correct or not.  
>> And if my way is not correct, please teach me the correct way…
> If black screen on start with QuickTime Player is a problem you could consider a re-encode of the video track plus an audio copy instead of copying both the video and audio tracks e.g.
> ffmpeg -ss 00:00:30.666 -i INPUT.mp4 -ss 0 -q:v 28 -c:a copy OUTPUT.mp4

Thank you very much for your suggestion.

I was wondering QuickTime Player's black screen on start is related with cut point of video.  
And it was answered by Carl Eugen-san.

Still curious about cutting video on non key frame is correct or not...

Best Regards,

// Miya aka. TougenRoushi

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