[FFmpeg-user] considering image sequence+audio for video preservation

Peter B. pb at das-werkstatt.com
Mon Jun 13 19:07:46 CEST 2016

On 06/12/2016 05:57 PM, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> If uncompressed video is acceptable for you, I may not understand 
> your question: I believe the reason why ffv1 is discussed is that 
> uncompressed video is generally not acceptable.

Uncompressed is indeed acceptable, but there are many drawbacks using it.

The main ones are:

- Enormously greater requirements for network/disk throughput - and
storage capacities
- Lossless compression allows more backup copies for the same price
- No integrity information (like FFV1.3's slicecrc) - and possible lack
of other metadata


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