[FFmpeg-user] Extra streams in gopro videos - how do I examine?

Jesper Taxbøl jesper at taxboel.dk
Tue Jun 7 17:42:26 CEST 2016

I tried making a couple of clips using 4K and 4KS and dumped their stream
contents using the suggested method.

ffmpeg -i http://kanako.dk/clients/privat/4KS_24.MP4 -codec copy -map 0:2
-f rawvideo 4KS24_TCD
ffmpeg -i http://kanako.dk/clients/privat/4KS_24.MP4 -codec copy -map 0:3
-f rawvideo 4KS24_SOS
ffmpeg -i http://kanako.dk/clients/privat/4K_30.MP4 -codec copy -map 0:2 -f
rawvideo 4K30_TCD
ffmpeg -i http://kanako.dk/clients/privat/4K_30.MP4 -codec copy -map 0:3 -f
rawvideo 4K30_SOS

ffmpeg -i http://kanako.dk/clients/privat/4KS_24_2.MP4 -codec copy -map 0:2
-f rawvideo 4KS24_2_TCD
ffmpeg -i http://kanako.dk/clients/privat/4KS_24_2.MP4 -codec copy -map 0:3
-f rawvideo 4KS24_2_SOS
ffmpeg -i http://kanako.dk/clients/privat/4K_30_2.MP4 -codec copy -map 0:2
-f rawvideo 4K30_2_TCD
ffmpeg -i http://kanako.dk/clients/privat/4K_30_2.MP4 -codec copy -map 0:3
-f rawvideo 4K30_2_SOS

I cant make sense of the output though.

Links are available for the samples. if anyone will give it a go.

kind regards


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