[FFmpeg-user] DVB subtitles there but not viewable

Mike Brown brown at mrvideo.vidiot.com
Sat Sep 26 12:12:38 CEST 2015

On Sat, Sep 26, 2015 at 05:02:37AM -0500, Mike Brown wrote:
> Mike Brown <brown <at> mrvideo.vidiot.com> writes:
> *****
> BRN <126> ffmpeg -i BBC-AAC60-test.ts -map 0:0 -vcodec copy -map 0:1 -acodec ac3 -ab 640k -map 0:2 -scodec copy BBC-DD51-test.ts
> ffmpeg version N-52837-g399f6ef Copyright (c) 2000-2013 the FFmpeg developers     built on May  7 2013 01:09:00 with gcc 4.7.3 (GCC)

I just noticed that I am really, really, out-of-date.  I've normally only
been using it to extract pcm audio from a TS stream and haven't dealt with
subtitles before.

I just upgraded to the latest build and all is well.  VLC likes displaying
the subtitles now.

My question on not displaying the "frame=" lines still holds though.

Sorry to trouble you.

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