[FFmpeg-user] Compiling ffmpeg with NVENC and NVIDIA GRID K1

Klaus Schürmann ks at mediabeam.com
Thu Sep 24 09:52:14 CEST 2015

If I take the sources  from here


I can compile it with working nvenc for a NVIDIA GRID K1.

Where ist he difference?

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Betreff: Re: [FFmpeg-user] Compiling ffmpeg with NVENC and NVIDIA GRID K1

>     Hi Timo,
>     I saw the status of 0x0A if header file /usr/include/nvEncodeAPI.h
>     perhaps the memory alloc is large? 
>      /* 1MB is large enough to hold most output frames. NVENC increases
>     this automaticaly if it's not enough. */
>             allocOut.size = 1024 * 1024;
>             allocOut.memoryHeap = NV_ENC_MEMORY_HEAP_SYSMEM_CACHED;
>         /**
>          * This indicates that the API call failed because it was unable
>     to allocate
>          * enough memory to perform the requested operation.
>          */
> I make mistake, this is not the error code info,

0xA is the error code. Your GPU and/or system seems to be out of memory
capable to transfer surfaces. Unfortunately, there isn't much I can tell
you about that. 1MB per surface should not overwhelm any somewhat modern
GPU(So, every NVENC capable one). I also don't have too much of an idea
about Non-GeForce GPUs.
You might be better of asking Nvidia about this.

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