[FFmpeg-user] Creating strftime filenames with millisecond resolution -- possible?

Sai Yamanoor yamanoorsai at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 20:33:11 CEST 2015


I am performing audio recording using the file segment option. I am using
the strftime template to create file names with timestamps. I need
millisecond resolution since I could use that information for
synchronization purposes.

As far as I know ffmpeg's strftime template does not support creating files
with millisecond resolution. I tried something like this:

ffmpeg  -y -f alsa -acodec pcm_s16le -ac 1  -i hw:0,0,0 -acodec mp2 -ar
> 44100-f segment -segment_time 60 -segment_atclocktime 1 /tmp/"$(date
> "+%Y.%m.%d-%H.%M.%S.%N").mp2"

It just overwrites the files over and over. Does anyone know of a hack that
would enable me to create filenames with timestamps of millisecond


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