[FFmpeg-user] VDR recording - dvd subtitle track not decoded

Richard F lists at keynet-technology.com
Sun Sep 13 22:48:42 CEST 2015

On 13/09/2015 21:31, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> Richard F <lists <at> keynet-technology.com> writes:
>> I'm thinking some of the issue might be around the 
>> lack of timing, the projectX log I put up shows subs 
>> starting at 00:48:48.562
> So are subtitles shown if you record for >50 minutes?
Another test I did on a 30 minute recording (extracted 427 subs), the
following was logged

-> temp. file: 001.sp (1903586 bytes)
-> Subpicture PTS: first packet 04:25:56.729, last packet 04:57:02.643
-> adjusting subpicture at its own timeline
-> source is DVB Subtitle...
427 subpictures written...

I'm no expert on the in-and-outs of "PTS" timestamps, but the numbers
don't seem to be consistent across recordings.
Broadcaster / channel / dependent?
As you can see projectX moved them to a nominal position, sadly that
doesn't quite line up with the content, doubtless more to it.
> Carl Eugen

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