[FFmpeg-user] Audiodecriptor issue on Apple TV gen 2 when encrypting with FPS

Kristian Hesthaug kristian.hesthaug at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 15:40:49 CEST 2015


We have to following setup:

FFMpeg - transcoding
MP4 split (Unified streaming) - Packaging to smooth with playready
Unified Origin (Unified streaming) - Tranmuxing and transdrm on the
fly to hls, hds, dash , fps etc

Our issue is the on Apple TV gen 2 our content wont play. After long
debugging with help from Apple, we have narrowed it down to the
AudioConfig decriptor. The bug only occurs when using FPS encryption
and only on ATV2 (sw 6.2.1).

Suggestion from Apple:

In ISO/IEC 14496-3

Table 1.15 – Syntax of AudioSpecificConfig()

a) Not setting syncExtensionType to 0x2b7


b) with syncExtensionType set to 0x2b7, set sbrPresentFlag to 1

can workaround this issue.


Is there anyone that know how we can do this in FFMpeg?

Kristian Hesthaug

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