[FFmpeg-user] Compiling on OSX from scratch: error: use of undeclared identifier 'O_SEQUENTIAL'

Moritz Barsnick barsnick at gmx.net
Mon Sep 7 16:13:45 CEST 2015

On Mon, Sep 07, 2015 at 14:06:37 +0000, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> Peter Rennert <mailinglists <at> rennert.io> writes:
> > libavformat/file.c:190:29: error: 
> > use of undeclared identifier 'O_SEQUENTIAL'
> >         access = O_RDONLY | O_SEQUENTIAL;

> This line does not exist in my sources, line 190 
> of libavformat/file.c shows the following here:
>     return AVERROR(ENOSYS);

Could be related to what is line 214 now:

  access = O_RDONLY;

But git blame claims that line has never changed since this file

Where does homebrew get these sources????? Does it patch them? Why are
there instructions on the Wiki which do _not_ use git HEAD?


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