[FFmpeg-user] Combining long audio delayed files.

Big Funk bigfunk at live.com
Wed Mar 25 22:06:45 CET 2015

Hi everyone,

I’m new here. I hope my question is relevant.

I’d like to combine two audio files, one significantly delayed with respect to the other.

I am a DX radio listener and always record what I hear on-air. Also, where possible, I record a Web live audio stream from the station. This is done to confirm details of what is being heard on-air where the signal might be very weak or subject to interference, thus making specific details of what’s heard difficult to understand. Audio from the Web stream allows a comparison to be made. This kind of confirmation is somewhat like listening to and recording a weak signal on Radio Rebelde 670 KHz and also hearing and recording the program in parallel on Radio Rebelde on 5025 KHz. 

The difference in my case is that the second audio recording comes from a live Web stream. The problem is that the live Web is invariably delayed, in many cases by as much as 30 seconds, even longer in many cases. 

Is it possible to merge to two audio recordings into a stereo output file where audio from the two sources synched but individually controlled with respect to volume, bass, treble and so on ?

I would appreciate any help or advice on what I’m trying to do. Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards

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