[FFmpeg-user] example to use VDA hw decoder on mac with ffmpeg?

Shi Yan billconan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 02:43:02 CET 2015

I cold emailed Xidorn who is the author of the h264_vda_dec.c file.

this was the answer:

Hi Shi,

I'm not very surprised that the VDA decoder cannot be properly inited here.
I guess you probably eventually have to remux your video to use MP4 or MKV

I don't know exactly what happens there, but according to my experience
playing with VDA framework before, that framework had quite a few
limitations. I guess the limitation you met might be that, it required some
extra data of the video to init the decoder, which made it support only
some of the containers. I forget what the exact name of that extra data,
but AFAIK, only MP4-compatible container could provide that.


I quickly tried a mp4 file, which worked.

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