[FFmpeg-user] hls_size

Davood Falahati d.falahati.1987 at ieee.org
Sat Mar 14 09:52:42 CET 2015

I want to stream my capture card using HLS. I get the input well and
everything seems to bo fine. The problem is the latency. I want to lessen
the chunk sizes to 3 seconds or less, and put less than 5 chunks in every
list. But when I run the ffmpeg as below:

ffmpeg -re -i rtmp://serveradress/live/channel -codec copy -map 0 -f
segment -segment_list playlist.m3u8 -delete -segment_list_flags +live
-segment_time 3 out%03d.ts

the generated segments are much longer than 3 seconds. I think the problem
is with iFrames. How should I fix that issue?

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