[FFmpeg-user] OT(?) - ffmpeg speed of subtitle generation, vlc Vs mythtv

Kingsley Turner krt at krt.com.au
Thu Mar 12 00:06:06 CET 2015


My daughter made some karaoke-like videos with a bunch of colour-changing 
lyric-subtitles into MKV files (with fonts embedded).

VLC plays them back fine, but on the same hardware, MythTV struggles with 
the subtitle rendering - to the point of reducing the frame-rate.

As far as I know, both VLC and MythTV use ffmpeg for the rendering of the 
video frames.

Is there an ffmpeg option available that perhaps VLC is using to pre-compute 
the subtitle images (or suchlike) that MythTV does not?

It works fine on both vlc & mythfrontend with my workstation, so it looks 
CPU bound.


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