[FFmpeg-user] Guide to ffserver + various browsers?

Bryan Field-Elliot bryanfieldelliot at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 16:12:09 CET 2015

After streaming to ffserver, I am looking to have this video “consumable” by as wide range of browsers as possible, pointing to one or more ffserver streams. (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, iOS, Android).

Surprisingly I’ve looked quite hard for a modern, up-to-date guide on configuring ffserver to produce streams which make the majority of today’s popular browsers happy. Despite my best efforts I can’t find such a resource.

Can anyone recommend any places for me to look for this? e.g. a sample ffserver.conf file, producing streams for all the popular browsers, and in the comments, informing me which stream I should redirect each browser to (based upon the User Agent presumably).

Thank you,


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