[FFmpeg-user] avfoundation on osx 10.7.5: issues with audio input

John Robinson jrobinsonmedia at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 03:21:27 CET 2015

> Yes.
> Also, I would rather like this matter to be a trac ticket for the
> patches to come.
> What kind of mic do you use? AFAIK the mini has no integrated one...
> Mic-in, USB?
There's nothing attached but this mini has a dedicated line-in connection. My ultimate goal is to use soundflower to pipe the audio out back in to the recording. I've uninstalled soundflower for the time being to keep variables to a minimum.

I'll run the code suggested tonight and report back here with the results and create a ticket in trac.

This isn't my main concern, but what is it that makes avfoundation available as an input? When I compile without the clang flags, avfoundation isn't available, but when I compile with that flag it is. I'd just like to understand what's making that work.


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