[FFmpeg-user] Syntax issue with audio filter

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Wed Mar 4 11:33:43 CET 2015

Le tridi 13 ventôse, an CCXXIII, Marc a écrit :
> $ ffmpeg -report -loglevel verbose -y -i "input.mkv" -map 0:v:0 -c:v:0 copy -map 0:a:language:eng -c:a:0 copy -map 0:a:language:eng -c:a:1 ac3 -ab 192k -ac 2 -af "pan=stereo:FL=FC+0.30*FL+0.30*BL:FR=FC+0.30*FR+0.30*BR" -map 0:s -c:s copy "output.mkv"

Unless there is a stream specifier, an option applies to all streams where
it makes sense. In particular, in this command, -af applies to both audio
streams, including the first one that is copied. You need to add stream

For the future, remember to include the full console output, it is usually
not possible to guess the problem with just an excerpt.


  Nicolas George
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